A Powerful Node.js CMS and API Manager

Get Started

If you need a Node.js CMS look no further than Nodemill. It is unbelievably quick and easy to create a CMS giving your users the perfect browser-based system to manage their data.

The unique Nodemill command-line helper system writes up to 95% of your code for you and the community addins system gives you access to a wealth of cool interactive field types.

Lightning fast setup
100% free and open-source
Command-line helper writes your code
Community addins
Browser-based CMS
Easy to publish
Not just a CMS.....

Getting data in to the system is one thing, how about getting it out - Nodemill's API system is as easy to use as the CMS part - create secure APIs in seconds to supply data wherever it is needed.

Need a weather API? Twitter maybe? Or currencies, airports, youtube etc? We have free community API addins that you can install into Nodemill meaning your API needs are pretty much covered, without any coding! (You can still code if you want)

It's quick
Very secure
CMS or external data
Community addins
100% free and open-source
Command-line helper writes your code
More you say?...
The Site

Nodemill is actually a superb platform for website development if you choose Node.js as your server-side language (and why wouldn't you?).

It follows a great MVC structure with Express and Handlebars at the back-end and has Bootstrap and JQuery built-in to the front end.

Connect to the CMS for content
Community addins
Superb performance
100% free and open-source
Use APIs to get external data
Makes great-looking sites