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Nodemill API: hipchat

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nodemill install api hipchat


  • Author: Dogfish Mobile
  • Short desc: Send a message to a hipchat room, needs apikey and room_id
  • Keywords: hipchat

Full Description

Send a message to a hipchat room.


You should definitely secure this api, you don't want to give public access to this.

Internal use

Or... you can exports.internal=true and then use the api from other parts of your project - eg:

var params = {room_id: 1234, message: 'Hello from nodemill', color: 'green', from: 'My app'};
_apis.hipchat.api('', params, function(err, headers, data){});

This will send a message from your project using the api internally instead of through http.

Version history

  • 1.0.0 Created